About Us

  1. Profile

VZW H.E.L.P. is a Belgian non-profit organisation operating in the medical sector, that has started its humanitarian missions some 15 years ago in some countries in Africa and Asia.

Its members, operational and non-operational, belong to the most professional and most specialist individuals in different medical disciplines, who have decided to start humanitarian missions, even sacrificing their own holidays and free time for the cause of a helping hand in  healthcare, where needed. They received their education in Belgian and/or European and/or US high schools and universities.

All team members operate on a free basis and even contribute financially  to their own missions. The rest of the funding is very volatile and fully dependant of the gifts and good-will of individuals and/or service-clubs, sponsors, companies, etc.

VZW  H.E.L.P.’s  most recent humanitarian activities were spread on average over several  weeks and in several regions in Madagascar.

It has to be emphasized that the organisation has neither commercial nor economical nor political links with any other companies or any political or economic organisations. In this respect, H.E.L.P. is fully independent and neutral in all its aspects.

VZW H.E.L.P is recognised by the Belgian Government and by Belgian Law due to the fact that it officially is registered as a non-profit organisation of which the company’s articles were published in the Belgian official newspaper (Gazette).

Moreover, gifts by Belgian citizens and/or companies and organisations to the benefit of VZW H.E.L.P.  receive a special fiscal treatment when declared in the personal fiscal declaration. VZW H.E.L.P. provides the necessary certification.


  1. Mission

The mission of H.E.L.P. is (amongst others) :

  • to take initiatives, nationally and internationally, in order to try to improve the health and the healthcare of individuals and/or communities, occasionally in full co-operation with third parties;
  • to build and/or support medical teams that operate in short-term missions regarding medical prevention, healthcare, education, etc. ;
  • to transfer medical and practical knowledge and competence to local medical personnel and medical organisations;
  • logistical support, delivery of medical and paramedical materials and drugs for hospitals, rest-homes, etc. as well as the transportation of those materials
  • etc.

In this respect, since the beginning, H.E.L.P. has been successful in attracting and retaining medical professionals and medical personnel , so that the realisation of the mission-statement and the activities in the field, have become sustainable  and satisfactory for all parties involved.


  1. Activity Area

  • Cleft lips and open palates.
  • Gynaecological surgery
  • Gynaecological vesico-vaginal fistulae
  • Ophthalmology
  • Prenatal consultations
  • Abdominal operations
  • Hernia  inguinalis, hernia umbilicalis, hydrocoele and fymosis
  • Goiters and all tumours or cysts of the neck
  • Plastic surgery
  •  Dental extractions
  • Transfer of knowledge and competencies to local staff


  1. H.E.L.P. does not work with donor organisations.

The funding of H.E.L.P consists of individual contributions  of the team members and of free gifts by individuals and/or service clubs/sponsors in Belgium. There is no link of dependence or inter-dependence with any commercial organisation, industry or political movement.


  1. Madagascar Projects since 2010

Madagascar is known as the region in the world with most cleft lips. H.E.L.P. has conducted missions in 3 Malagesy towns : Fianarantsoa, Vohipeno and Ampasimanjeva. The focus was :

  • surgery : maxillofacial surgery (open palate and open cleft lips), dentistry, dental extractions, gynaecological benign or malignant surgery of the breast, uterus, cysts, fibroma, prolapsed, caesarians, neck surgery, ophthalmology, etc.
  • education : transfer of knowledge and competence to local personnel
  • medical materials : every year, redundant materials and drugs are donated at the hospital (drugs, gloves, threads, etc.).

On the other hand, surgical instruments, anaesthesia monitors, blood pressure instruments, etc.,  have to be repatriated.

  • The estimated worth of the mission is near to 75.000 US $ ( +/- 67.500 €).

Madagascar activity statistics 2014

Per Discipline   N°Patients Treatment Surgery
Ophthalmology 960 96
Optician 430 430
Dental surgery Fianarantsoa 100 200
Vohipeno 106 230
Ampasimanjeva 199 673
Dental prothesis  All regions 23
Maxillofacial surgery 80 31
Gynaecology & Urology 75 23
Urology theoretic and instructive course physicians and nurses
Total   1520 1556 150


Per Discipline   N°Patients Treatment Surgery
Ophtalmology Fianarantsoa, Ambalajeva 700 60
Opticien Fianarantsoa 350 350
Dental surgery Fianarantsoa 200 798
Vohipeno 40 144
Ampasimanjeva 350 1308
Dental prothesis All regions 22 22
Maxillofacial surgery Vohipeno, Fianarantsoa 43 43
Gynaecology & Urology Ampasimanjeva 21 21
Fysiotherapy Fianarantsoa 32 32
Total   1758 2654 124


Per Discipline   N°Patients Treatment Surgery
ophtalmology Fianarantsoa 470 350 44
optician Fianarantsoa 320 320
Dental surgery Fianarantsoa 332 891
Ampasimanjeva 194 714 14
Maxillofaciale surgery Fianarantsoa 35 35 35
Gynecology & Urology Ampasimanjeva 28 23 23
Platic ssurgery Fianarantsoa 605 560 53
Physiotherapy Fianarantsoa 1 30
Totaal   1985 2923 169

2017 Due to an outbreak of pest, the mission of 2017 was cancelled.


  1. Funding

All medical staff are volunteers, who sacrifice their spare time and income during some weeks of the year in order to participate at our humanitarian missions. They even contribute themselves substantially in order to cover part of the expenses of the mission. It  is also a sign of their utmost  personal involvement and motivation and prevents any inclination for tourism. It is obvious that additional financial support is necessary and therefore, any gift or sponsorship is absolutely welcomed and ensures the survival of our organisation. As for to-day,  vzw H.E.L.P. has sufficient resources to execute successfully several medical missions in Third World countries Worth (in €) of free treatment (Madagascar 2014)

Average cost per treatment / patient                32 €

Tooth extraction (per 10 persons)                    75 €    

Eyeglasses (grinding on site + frame)           100 €

Cataract surgery                                            150 €

Maxillo facial surgery                                     200 €

Vesico-vaginal fistulae surgery                      375 €

Surgery of tumours (child)                             750 €


All members and participants of vzw H.E.L.P. are willing to make the 

world a better place for everyone